Intelligent Data From Large
Data Sets

Tree of Analysis

AnswerMine's pattern recognition software:

Searches for the best combinations of variables
That define an outcome,

Analyzes an entire data set, thus capturing subtle
Nuances that other methods can miss,

Works effectively with categorical variables
As well as full range numeric and missing values,

Permits interactive queries, which are used to
Fine tune strategic and tactical initiatives.

Model development using AnswerMine does not involve finding “best-fit” parameters for a model. Instead, a powerful algorithmic method is unleashed on the data set, using trial and discovery, to find variables that, in combination, are strongly associated with favorable outcomes. Because the entire data set is used for model development, reliable and reproducible relationships are sought, rather than the statistical anomalies that can result from other methods.

When evaluated against regression, neural networks and fractals, AnswerMine pattern recognition has consistently outperformed the competition. With greater accuracy in less time, AnswerMine brings the theories and processes of pattern recognition to meet the practical challenges facing businesses today.