Intelligent Data From Large
Data Sets

About Us - Our Difference

The AnswerMine Group’s philosophy is to “let the data speak”. We don’t start with preconceived ideas of relationships that we are trying to prove, but try to explain outcomes of interest to clients. Our technology analyzes large datasets for patterns that link outcomes of interest with combinations of characteristics that can be used in predictive and segmentation models.

Unlike many methodologies, we use all available data, rather than samples.
As a result, we are more likely to capture rare events than competing methods.
We look for combinations of strong and weak variables, rather than identifying individual variables. Once identified, the variables are “thrown back” into the dataset to be reused in new combinations, rather than excluded from further analysis.

It is not enough to have good technology. In addition to methodological expertise, AnswerMine’s staff brings extensive knowledge of, and experience in, the industries and problems in which we are asked to consult. Our staff have held senior positions in the industries that we specialize in. These include the application of credit data to market consumer-oriented insurance products, market segmentation for product promotion and the rating of risk for policy applicants.

Our model building process is hands on. While our experts do the model building, it is done in close contact with our clients. We use an iterative process to refine the models as we gain new knowledge about the problem being studied. Our models are easy for clients to understand, and to explain. They are not caught in a “black box”.